Sifu Gary Lam...My Sifu for 20 years.   WIng Chun Kung Fu...he is just the best teacher (63 yrs)!

Spartan Elite Racer (Pro) Jesse Andrew Torrero interview  after THE BREKENRIDGE BEAST IN Colo. and Endoresement of FIT FOUR .... OCR SPLIT GRIP GLOVES ..placed  in top percentage out of 300 racers with time of

 2:30;10/13 MILES/30+ OB

Wing Chun Coach & Practionier Jesse Torrero (30 yrs exp.) Training on the 'Wooden Dummy


Talks about a very special type of school he is about to open in Florida for disinfranchised youth.......

Here I am deadlifting 405lbs. I have never attempted this in my life. I am standing 5' 10" at 155lbs with 4.8% body fat. This weight is just over 2 and a half times by body weight. I am extremely proud at this accomplishment. This is the result of the countless hours I have put in to perfect my craft. This is me.
There is a huge misconception with success floating around our society nowadays. The idea that success can come with the snap of a finger is only but a fairy tail that has been portrayed by celebrities and the media. The "overnight success" is .00000000001% of the population. Everyone else must work harder than the guy next to him.
Often times people want a quick solution to there problems. They want to take the "easy" route. That's fine!! If you want to take the easy route then go for it!! More power to you haha Moving forward you might become more successful than anybody in your circle. As for me, I find more satisfaction in knowing that I'm giving everything I have to make my dreams become a reality. That everyday I push my body to its limits without hesitation. And if for some reason I fail, which I will at some point because everyone does, I can smile and say I've given every ounce of effort I have.
See in order to perform unimaginable feats of strength or to be truly successful in something, it take hours upon hours of hard work and dedication. When you truly want to be great at something, you will make time for whatever that is. You'll spend those hours in the gym, in the classroom, behind a mic, or whatever it is. When no one is watching, that's when it matters the most. Day in and day out, rain or shine perfecting your craft. See talent does not exist in everybody, but the ability to become obsessed with something does. There is no secret formula or secret recipe for success. Only the work.
So with that, I challenge you. I challenge whoever is ready this to stop doing things for others and find what it is you love to do and give everything you have to it. Put the hours in & I promise you, you will be rewarded. Written By Jesse Andrew Torrero 2017'

AVTV Live!AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVE #JesseTorrero I appreciate my SIFU GARY LAM. I honor him for his teachings his words his mentorship his kindness abd his bad assness which would never say as he is so humble. My study of WING CHUN from him coming from the WSL SYSTEM handed down from IP MAN through them to me the 4th generation down saved my life. SIFU has Ben my teacher for almost 20 years not to mention his finest student in my opinion Greg Gregory E. LeBlanc.....two years or so ahead of me all part of SIFU 1st generation students dating back to the mid dcade of the 90s when SIFU immigrated to America from Hong Kong to get away from the coomunists. I have been blessed. Here is my wooden dummy routine thought you might find it interesting. I train everyday and will the rest of my life and it works in combat as I have had to use several times against thugs and low life testimony to our linegae, my SIFU, my friend Greg LeBlanc the very small list of students I have taught. Also I want to mention my longtime training partner Archie Bobis, who died several years ago in his early 50s, he I miss, he taught me to be quite with my WC......We bring lots of entertainment and information to AVTV Live!

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AV ENTERTAINMENT Competitive Edge Sports checking out some of the best Wheel Chair Basketball players in the world. Gotta go to thier web site, major inspirational, major athletic

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Competitive Edge Sports.   Wheel Chair Basketball Demonstration with AVTV Live!

AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVE!www.aventertainmentlive.comAV-E-TV Live!Check out our Sports Channel on the Digital Boradcasting Network AV-E-TV Live! The Interview with Former IBF LIGHT WEIGHT WORLD CHAMPION OF THE WORLD Fearless Freddie Pendleton after a recent fight here in Hollywood at the Palladium where one of his byoung boxers fought recently. #JesseTorrero Host and CEO of AV-E-TV Live! caught up with the great one and talked boxing, and also chatted about a athletic and school center that the Fearless 1 is putting together in Florida for challenges kids and all. What a terrrific man Freddie Pendelton is!Speacial thanks to the Jolten Jay Jeff Langton for setting this up for us.

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AVTV LIVE SPORTS...Boxing Chanpionships Called by JESSE T