With  CAMMAN Jesse Andrew Torrero at the SFV Ch. of The United Nations.

Oxymorons' Ed Asner, Mark Rydell, Brian Connors Q&A with Jesse Torrero AVTV Live!

AVTV LIVEwww.aventertainmentlive.com#Periscope 'The Jesse T' Show' AVTV LIVE#JesseTorrero Jesse TorreroAV Entertainment LIVE @JesseTorrero, @Jessejesse01,Winwinwin, Inc. Jesse Torrero Broker, Coalition Against Human Trafficking & Prostitution, and Child Abuse, Justice for KIDS - Justice for ALL with Jesse T'with Jesse T'Red Carpet Affair at the Chinese Theater for 'Battle Brotherhood' Documentary about wounded soldiers from around the world who get together to support each other after the war, and help each other with issues the all have. A great movie, you can catch it on YouTube. This is Part 1 of a 2 part series. AVTV LIVE!

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'Mansion Of Blood' World Premier & 79th Golden Halo Award - Red Carpet Host Jesse Torrero.

#AVENTERTAINMENTLIVE#AVETVLive#JesseTorrero#GilMartinezwww.aventertainmentlive.comAV ENTERTAINMENT LIVE! In conjunction with Executive Producers Lorraine Ziff, Matthew Ziff, and Frank Zanca, are proud to bring the World Screening Live Production (re-broadcast) of the Red Carpet Gala at the Crest In Westwood, CA of the Supernatural Western 'SIX GUN SAVIOR'.Staring Eric Roberts, Martin Kove, Matthew Ziff, Lorraine Ziff, Kaleo Griffith, Tim Russ, Jason Matthew Smith, Michelle Ross, Blaine Grey, Adam LeClair, Maya Tremblay, and a very talented supporting cast. Written by Frank Zanca and Kirk Murray, Music by Charles-Henri Avelange, Director Kirk Murray.AV-E-TV Live! Jesse Torrero & Gil Martinez Co-Host the Red Carpet at the Crest Theater for the World Screening of 'SIX GUN SAVIOR'.With their high energy approach and never ending surprises, it's a Red Carpet Extravaganza like you have never seen before! Fun, exciting, and crazy-wild AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVE as the RED CARPET KINGS bring you a Red Carpet experience to remember that only they can do!Talking with all the stars grabbing some inside secrets, some confidential information, and having a great conversation Jesse Torrero 'The Brown Beauty On Duty' & Gil 'got skills' Martinez keep it red hot and rollin with the STARS.YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN NEXT. It's RAW & REAL.Check out our DIGITAL BROADCASTING TV NETWORK AND PLATFORM at www.aventertainmentlive.com for the best quality. Please take a look at all of our channels of original programing, with more product on the way. It all starts on the top with the tool bar.It's a SUPERNATURAL WESTERN wild ride... with a little surprise at the end paying tribute to all the 'SIX GUN SAVIOR' Cowboys. You know cowboys love their boots!........because their COWBOYS being COWBOYS!'SIX GUN SAVIOR' coming to a theater near you soon!(If you would like your event covered, produced, promoted, and aired on AV-E-TV Live! please contact Jesse Torrero CEO/Executive Producer at (818)800-1343, email: winwinwininc@yahoo.com)

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AFMs with Brian Connors, David Lockhart, and the gang with JESSE TORRERO

AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVE www.aventertainmentlive.com #JesseTorrero I gotta boost the volume up later in Final cut pro..but here is the raw and reel of it all at the celebration for Ed Asner and Mark Rydell and Brian Connors for putting together Good Men , Oxymoron, and a bunch more you can see the trailer at www.aventertainmentlive.com ......and yours truly doing the Brown Beauty On Duty show.....across from the AFM......

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AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVE www.aventertainmentlive.com #JesseTorrero with BRIAN CONNORS , DAVID LOCKHART and others plus the debut of the flying SHTICK CAM...finishing deals at AFM.....in Santa Monica...

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Red Carpet PREMIER

Battle Brotherhood/ Chinese Theater.

Jazz At the Park'  Jesse Torrero learning about African Art and Symbolic Wood Carvings...

'SHOTGUN' Tom Kelly. World Famous, One of the very best Radio Personalities.

AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVEwww.aventrtainmentlive.com#JesseTorreroRecently caught up with one of the very best voice over talents in America Kurt Kelly at a recent Priemer, The movie that we saw was 'Six Gun Saviour', and producer, director, social media expert Kurt Kelly stopped by to grace us with his fun & humor, and it was like yesterday on the Air at a radio station he and I, two radio guys just letting it all hang out Kurt Kelly and Jesse Torrero. What a blast!AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVE covers it all! AVTV Live! Digital Broadcasting Network.

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Jarvee Hutchinson and Jesse Torrero Magazine Pre Launch Party.

AVTV LIVE! & 'The Jesse T' Show'www.aventertainmentlive.comwww.jessetorrero.net #JesseTorrero AV Entertainment LIVECoalition Against Human Trafficking & Prostitution, and Child AbuseJustice for KIDS - Justice for ALL with Jesse T' Winwinwin, Inc. Jesse Torrero BrokerJesse Torrero Early this year Jesse T' and the AVTV LIVE CREW checked into the Historical Egyptian Theater on Hollywood Blvd for a special engagement and red carpet affair covering the 79th Annual Golden Halo Awards, and the World Premier of Gary Busey new movie called 'Mansion Of Blood' Executive Producer Tom Tangen. Here is a rebroadcast of some of our Live Broadcast on the AVTV LIVE Digital Broadcasting Network.....hope you enjoy...a very special interview with the great and late Marty Ingles one of the very best Comedic Actors in the world who passed this year.....we had the blessed honor to talk to him on the red carpet as one of his last interviews in 2015...so special, and so honored and humbled by his presence.....thanks for all the laughs Marty Ingles, and god Bless your wife of 38 years the great Shirley Jones!2016 is on the way to bieng a breakout year for AVTV LIVE (AV Entertainment Live). More of everything is going to happen Live Entertainment, Live Concerts, Live Red Carpets, Live Award Shows, Original Productions in Film, TV, Reality, and Theater, Sports Programs and events, Interviews of Stars, Athletes, Celebrities, Politicians, Community Activists, Artists, Musicians, plus more Information about our time. Our new non-profit CAHT (The Coalition Against Human trafficking) will help bust human traffickers that hurt women and children. We are going to do more charitable events, and involve every one of our viewers to be part of them. We have new interactive technology that will bring the P. I. A. Board to life and you will become the shapers of our programing and participate in interactive ways that nobody is doing. We are looking forward to all of our affiliates, and media partners to working with them closely in 2016 to bring things you have never seen before. Yes, 2016 is going to be loaded with action, fun, and amazement from AVTV LIVE. We have been engaged and have engaged some of the most powerful social networkers in a team atmosphere as we remember the golden rule Together Everybody Achieves More (TEAM). 'From he Community to The World' it's AVTV LIVE!

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AVTV LIVEwww.aventertainmentlive.com #JesseTorrero with Dante one of the very best entertainment reports around, so good to see him again at the EZWAY TV and Magazine Launch.....where we were live and local...on AVTV LIVE

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AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVE www.aventertainmentlive.com AV-E-TV Live!We cover everything on our DIGITAL BROADCAST NETWORK AND TV PLATFORM. AFTER-ALL WE ARE FROM THE COMMUNITY TO THE WORLD, IT'S AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVE.We had a chance to catch up with one of the greatest Radio Personalities of all time. The guy who replaced The Real Don Steel, the guy who held down afternoon drive in Los Angeles at one station for 18 years KRTH 101, the guy who has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, yes the great one "Shotgun' TOM KELLY. Two radio guys having a good time for a few minutes. Jesse Torrero & Shotgun Tom Kelly......

Posted by Jesse Torrero on Friday, August 28, 2015

AVTV LIVEwww.aventertainmentlive.com #JesseTorrero A great time after the SFV Chapter of the United Nations final presentation for thier speakers presentation .... We were blessed to here a speaker from IRAN talk about the beauty of her nation and people thier culture, thier forests, animals, snow capped mountains, beachs, what a wonderful surprise and like I have always said people want peace governments want death.....we have some wonderful interviews on the way....the crew tonight Dan The Man takingvpictures, and code name JAT the cam man...with your host Jesse,Torrero from AVTV LIVE............

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AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVEwww.aventertainmentlive.com #JesseTorrero with a award Director who was.just honored for a short he directed.......live from Velocity....it's AV-E-TV LIVE. ....

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​​Having fun with Voice Talent Kurt Kelly on AVTV Live!

Velocity After Party-AFMs-Best Picture Director for a Short 'Nuncio Fazio'

AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVEwww.aventertainmentlive.com #JesseTorrero at the AFM....

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AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVEwww.aventertainmentive.com#JesseTorrero Reporting recently out at a wounderful community Jazz Festival In Quartz Hills,CA, with a very interesting interview with a man that imports some of the very best African carvings and drumbs....he has a wonderful message of blessing and love...check it out

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AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVE #AVENTERTAINMENTLIVEAV-E-TV Live #AVETVwww.aventertainmentlive.comSIX GUN SAVIOR Staring Eric Roberts, Martin Kove, Mathew Ziff, Lorraine Ziff, Tim Russ and a great cast of actors at the Crest Theater in Westwood, CA,. and the AV-E-TV Live! Red Carpet Crew was there to capture it all. This is the first in a series of short trailer/teasers about the Supernatural Western that takes you for one amazing, fun, and wild ride through the OLD WEST. A story about revenge, and redemption do not miss it. AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVE will be premiering a complete show from the beginning to the end of the Red Carpet Gala for SIX GUN SAVIOR in just a few short days with interviews, footage, fun, and you never know what Jesse Torrero & Gil Martinez have in store, for sure lots of surprises! GET READY!

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Red Carpet Gala for 'SIX GUN SAVIOR'.

AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVE!www.aventertaimentlive.comDigital TV it's AV-E-TV 'From The Community To The World'VIVA DOLL PJoin us as we broadcast live form the VIVA DOLL Pink Carpet Release Tour 2015.Check out all her music on iTunes ,and here as we talk to all the celebrities, stars, models, producers, fashion Designers and Record Company Reps, plus some of the hottest new recording artist, and famous TV and Film stars that all showed up to help VIVA DOLL kick off her new tour! With Hosts Jesse Torrero and Gill Martinez and there crazy fun approach to bringing live exciting entertainment for your viewing experience the Red and Pink carpet it will never be the same! Even a Royal Prince showed up, and one of the official 'Obama' Artists. AV-E-TV LIVE ORIGINAL, FRESH, EXCITING AND KEEPIN IT REAL! AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVE with Radz Records and EZWAY Broadcasting present VIVA DOLL.Call us to bring the real deal to your event, and broadcast live, and then re-broadcast it on AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVE at (818)800-1343, or at winwinwininc@yahoo.com to millions of viewers world wide!www.aventertainmentlive.com

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​​'Celebrities,VIP, Public Figures'

 American Chinese CEO Society Press Release


AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVE!#AVENTERTAINMENTLIVEAV-E-TV Live!#AVETVLivewww.aventertainmentlive.com#JesseTorrero #GilMartinezAmerican-Chinese CEO Society 美中企业家商会AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVE! are proud to participate in the American Chinese CEO Society 10th Anniversary Business Summit and Gala Awards Banquet on August 1st, 2015 at The Performing Arts Center in Arcadia, and Santa Anita Park. Check out the press conference where you can find out how to mingle with the worlds top CEOs from the two largest economies on earth.Thanking Denise O'Brien from DOME Entertainment and Consulting for giving us the opportunity to participate at the Media Press Conference where we interviewed many distinguished guests and participants. We also had the wonderful experience in talking to Founder and President of ACCS Robert Sun. Check that conversation out and you will be inspired to engage Chinese business men and women to expand your business and profits world wide. Learn, listen, watch, and engage!Join us where the CEO's of the world gather, to meet the very best American and Chinese CEOs and government officials on August 1st.#JesseTorrero and #GilMartinez and AV-E-TV Live present to you the super exciting Media Conference that gives you all the exciting news about the upcoming Gala for the 10 Anniversary Celebration of ACCS and Robert Sun.Go to our web site at www.aventertainmentlive.com and enjoy many original programs and shows, movies, sports, community events, reel and raw, music entertainment and so much more. Connect with us at www.aventertainmentlive.com broadcasting 24/7 on our new Digital TV Station from the Community to the World.For more information please visit www.american-chinese.org their very informative ACCS web site.

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