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Jesse T' Interviewing Emmanuel At the Velocity AFM party.   This guy is so talented.  When you see him on the Australian X Factor singing the John Lennon Imagine it will kill you!!! Check out his story on AVTV Live!

Jesse Torrero AVTV Live! At Club Rain with MEGA 96.3 Carolina Marquez Middays (VIVA)

Artists That I Have been Part Off Moving Their Careers To The Next Level:

Skello 'I Wish' Grammy Nominated Artist for New Artists Of The Year Sold Multiple Millions of Recs
Miranda (Several  Hits/National Play, Discovered Managed)
The Movement #1 Billboard Dance Charts, #42 on the Billboard Top 100, 3 time Gold
Record Recipient,  Discovered Hazze, Managed (10 yrs) Signed To SunShine, Arista, Mac Daddy
Hazze  (Motown Records & Mac Daddy Records- Discovered Managed Writter/Producer)
Mechie Loc (#1 Rap Song at KJLH for 8 weeks,  3 record deal with MCA, Manager)
Tone Loc  (1st to play his song on KDAY 'The High Energy Show' Multi-Platinum 
Record  for work with artist, Independent Record Promoter).
Young MC (Multi-Platinum Record for work with artist, Independent Record Promoter).
L.A. Rave  (Manager-Sunshine  Entertainment Records)
The Go Go's (1st  to play at KCSN, then helped get on KROQ, KIIS FM, Artists Promoter)  
The High Energy Show Mixers (Producer/Manager Hazze, DJ Eddie Laflavour- KDAY-LA)
Rebecca (Regge-Dance Hall Top 10 Hit Jamaca/Caribian/South and Central Americ
Diamond  (Techno Hip Hop Sunshine Entertainment Records, Manager)
Vice President Record Sales Sunshine Entertainment & Records & Publishing Orange Skully Bear
President and CEO of 'Wik'd Management and Entertainment'
Booking Agent for 300 U.S. City Tour and 23 Nation International Tour

​(And All The Ones That Dd Not Make Any Money Along The Way)

AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVE!www.aventertainmentlive.comAV-E-TV Live!#AVETV #JesseTorrero & #GilMartinez Interview 1580 KDAY Greg Mack who just signed a deal to produce the 1580 KDAY and the Greg Mack Story.Greg and I worked ON THE AIR at KDAY back in the day. This is a great interview where Greg shares some very interesting thoughts about that special time at 1580 KDAY between 1983-1991. Only From The Community to the World It'sAV ENTERTAINMENT LIVE!www.aventertainmentlive.com

Posted by Jesse Torrero on Wednesday, September 2, 2015

AVTV Live! Covering The Whispers Concert

AVTV LIVE www.aventertainmentlive.com #JesseTorrero With Emmanuel Kelly X factor Australia winner and now in the studio working on some nraterial.and a life story that is truly.inspirational...go.to his Facebook or YouTube site check him out and he will touch yoir heart how he has preservered when by all rights most would just have passed on.....wowowowow what a charm to see him again last night...on AVTV LIVE www.aventertainmentlive.com on The Jesse T' Show

Posted by Jesse Torrero on Sunday, December 20, 2015

AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVEwww.aventertainmentlive.com #JesseTorrero having fun with Carolina of 96.3 Mega...here in Los Angeles check her out midday 10.am to 3pm.....We were just having a great time ....and we should do a morning show together.......Live at Club Rain a few days ago.......AVTV LIVE

Posted by Jesse Torrero on Sunday, November 22, 2015

AVTV LIVE At The Radio Dream Lunch Lots of Los Angeles Radio Personalities from the last 40 years...Jesse Torrero right in the mix with them all. Being interviewed by Randy West Super Star Game Show Announcer and Voice Over Actor at 14:35 in the video till 15:41....lots of fun saw so many people I have not seen in years and decades. Yea Baby 'THE  BROWN BEAUTY IS ON DUTY'...Once Again!

AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVE#AVENTERTAINMENTLIVEAV-E-TV Live#AVETVwww.aventertainmentlive.comCome along for a ride with AV-E-TV Live Hosts Jesse Torrero and Gil Martinez for a party at the SAGE with performances by RODNEY O & JOE COOLEY, interviews, celebrities, music, play by play action it's raw-real-live and only on AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVE!Out for a fun night of Celebration with the most instrumental part of the HIP HOP and RAP World. We would say the most integral part . It gave RAP music a place to be heard around the world and launch it into the mainstream, a place for the HIP-HOP culture to be seen, a place for a genre to grow, a place where the industry and it's players could be somebody. That is what this man was able to provide, unbeknownst to him at the time or anyone, Greg Mack from 1580 KDAY created the format for the radio and entertainment industry to be able to see the viability and profit potential of RAP. With the nod of (PD) Jack Patterson 'AM STEREO K-D-A-Y' 1580 KDAY in Los Angeles was born in 1983. Everyone of the legends of the RAP industry and thereafter owe their existence to 1580 KDAY and Greg Mack, for without the exposure provided this HIP-HOP/RAP inner city social experiment would have never gotten a foot hold in the music world. It likely would of just been a passing fade like Punk, Disco, Big Hair Head Banging Metal. It stuck because of the genius of Greg Mack and the vehicle of 1580 KDAY, and the great story telling of the artists. I must add my personal thanks to that creation, and it's creators. It allowed for the first LATINO Radio Personality in Los Angeles and around the World to join the Broadcasting Team 'ON AIR' at 1580 KDAY in his early 20's to gain popularity on the radio as the only Latino Radio Personality doing RAP 24/7 365 days a year, furthermore becoming the LIVE HOST (also contributor, creator, developer of the presentation of the SHOW) of one of the most popular shows in all of Los Angeles Entertainment 'THE HIGH ENERGY SHOW' Live From The CASA CAMINO REAL in Downtown Los Angeles on 'AM STEREO' 1580 KDAY with the 'Brown Beauty On Duty' Jesse Torrero, and become part of the legend, the mythology, the folklore, and the history. My personal thanks to Greg Mack who one day came up to me after just starting the show and asked me if I wanted to do it, of course I said yes. Do it I did every Saturday Night, and we all did it well 'The High Energy Mixers', the promoters, the street crews, KDAY, the Artists, the Mixmasters, Greg Mack and so many others which contributed to the change of of the radio and record world by showing that you could mix RAP, with Dance, with Pop, with New Wave, with R&B and come out with something called 'THE HIGH ENERGY SHOW' where black, brown, white & asian people could join together without violence and fear, and share and have a great time.

Posted by Jesse Torrero on Tuesday, August 11, 2015

As you listen and watch the videos below JESSE TORRERO is one of those LA DJs.  Going back in time to the greatest station in the last 35 years to hit the Los Angeles Radio waves, because it was the station that was heard around the world as "AM STEREO K-D-A-Y" 1580 KDAY, Yes Jesse was part of the original crew with the leadership of Greg Mack, Jack Patterson and Ed Kirby Jesse Torrero 'The Brown Beauty On Duty' helped carve the way for the HIP HOP Culture to explode upon the world and RAP music which changed the world forever from 1983. Jesse Torrero, The Original Hispanic and only Latino Broadcaster playing RAP  and Dance music for almost ten years in Los Angeles on KDAY when it turned Rap in 83'.  He was hired to reach out to fast growing Hispanic Audience in Los Angeles, and that he did. Now being so graciously honored by Director Michael Flores as one of those guys,  and for several years pulling #1 weekend ratings with the Famous 'High Energy Show', he is part of that legendary time forever.  Along with other key individuals that were part of that special group of guys where LATINOS were finally able to get a foot hold in Los Angeles Radio, and in my humble opinion it was because of what KDAY created a vehicle for a movement to be heard in the mainstream. The leadership of the few at KDAY Ed Kirby (GM), Jack Patterson (PD), Greg Mack (The Creator of the format, MD arguable history will remember him forever as the 'GUY'), and Jesse Torrero (Radio Personality, Host and Co-Creator of 'THE HIGH ENERGY SHOW' from the CASA CAMINO REAL in Downtown L.A. {Greg Mack giving 'The Brown Beauty On Duty' Jesse T' the Opportunity to represent Los Angeles Latinos and cross-over Communities when he turned the show over to Jesse to HOST), plus with the greatest talent like Lisa Canning, J.J. Johnson (The Voice), Russ Parr (Mornings), Don Tracy, King News (Lee Marshall), Steve Woods, Jack Patterson (PD), Roger Aldre, Rory Kaufman (PR), Jon Beudeux, All the MIXMASTERS, THE HIGH ENERGY MIXERS, and all the Street Promoters history was made and 1580 KDAY Changed the world FOREVER!                     (These Two Videos are from Drirector Michael Flores Up Coming Documentary 'LA DJ' for a 2016 release date featuring HAZZE in one video, and Creaditing Jesse Torrero in the other video)


Rodney O' Joe Colley!. 

Posted by Jesse Torrero on Sunday, June 21, 2015

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