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Businessman, Independent Business Owner, Real Estate Broker (36yr), Loan and Hard Money lender (20yr),  Los Angeles Radio Veteran & Radio Personality (40yr), Syndicated Radio Shows, Internet Radio Persoanailty, Interviewer, Showman, Actor, Voice Over Talent, Motivational Speaker, T.V. Broadcaster and on Camera Talent, Host/MC, Record Company Executive Sun, Pres. of Wik'd Entertainment & Management (Recording Artist Management),Writer, Producer, Director, Editor, Camera Operator/DP, Newspaper Journalist and Correspondent, Commentary, Editorial, Martial Artists Boxing, Wrestling, Wing Chun, Weapons, Community Activist, Neighborhood City Council Member City of Los Angeles in Sun Valley, Director of C.A.H.T. Coalition Against Human Trafficking, College Gradutate and Post Graduate Legal Education, 32 Degree Scotish Right Knight Templar Master Mason, NLP Trained, T.V., Film, Theater, SAG AFTRA, NRA, NAR, CPAB, CERT, SVNCC, CAR, SRAR.

 A Pig In The Hollywood Denny's

Better than pigs in a basket......

Better than Moons over my Hammy, Bacon or Sausage, pig feet? Monty Pythons Flying Pigs,

It's Just Piglicious.......AVTV Live! 

AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVE #JesseTorrero it is a special night in Hollywood...a magical night where we had the delight to see BATTLE BROTHERHOOD AND YES WAIT there is more yes yes yes hold on here it comes the final interview of the night with MR MEAT...yes yes here it comes ready pleasure to present to you our friend porky pig....that's all folks.......hahahhasha......

Posted by Jesse Torrero on Monday, November 2, 2015

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