AVTV LIVEwww.aventertainmentlive.com#JesseTorreroCheck us out at 3pm today on Facebook Live. We will be broadcasting live on Facebook it is raw its reel and it is live!We are cutting edge bringing to you the very best in LIVE BROADCASTING everyday on AVTV LIVE. 'The Hunters' are MANHUNTING the child abuser Hector in todays episode of 'THE HYNTERS'. Sponsored by the Coalition

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www.aventertainmentlive.com#JesseTorrero Live from Avalone in Hollywood at Hollywood and Vine for Thump Records Showcase. What a great time, this is just one of many videos coming for your visual pleasure. Thanking #Teamezway for the invite to cover this exciting event.We cover it Raw and Reel on 'The Jesse T' Show' only on AV Entertainment LIVE.....

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AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVEwww.aventertaimentlive.com#JesseTorrero as many of you may know I have been a Real Estate Broker for 36 yars here in California, and Loan Specialist for a very long time as well. I do HARD MONEY LOANS if you need one you need to talk to me can have your money in 3-7 days...Anyway here is some fun I was having one day trying to get somebody to buy this island...check it out....!

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AVTV LIVEwww.aventertainmentlive.com#JesseTorrero, Jesse Torrero, #Periscope, Coalition Against Human Trafficking & Prostitution, and Child Abuse,Justice for KIDS - Justice for ALL with Jesse T', Winwinwin, Inc. Jesse Torrero Broker, #eazwayacces, #Teameazway, AV Entertainment LIVELive at the Avalone Night Club in Hollywood, CA on Hollywood and Vine AVTV LIVE doing the Thump Records Thing at the Thump Records Showcase of their new Artists. In this Interview featuring on the Red Carpet the very talented and sexy Frenchy Made. Lots of fun, and featuring one of her brand new songs from her new Album on line and at Thumprecords.com. Jesse Torrero 'the Brown Beauty On Duty' goofing around with 'Frenchy Made' who tells all about her hot tats!

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AVTV LIVEwww.aventertainmentlive.com#JesseTorrero Thump Records Release Party at the Avalon in Hollywood with Paula Casas Executive at Thump Records...talking about the future of Thump, and of course it's all on 'The Jesse T' Show'...on AVTV Live. (Thanking our friends at #ezwayaccess #Teamezway for the invite to cover, go and check them out they have a wonderful networking system that you really need to be part off, it is premier packaging at it's best).AV Entertainment LIVEwww.aventertainmentlive.comJesse TorreroCoalition Against Human Trafficking & Prostitution, and Child AbuseJustice for KIDS - Justice for ALL with Jesse T'Winwinwin, Inc. Jesse Torrero BrokerJesse Torrero@JesseTorrero@Jessejesse01#Periscope 'The Jesse T' Show' AVTV LIVE!

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AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVEwww.aventertainmentlive.comDigital Broadcasting Network#JesseTorreroCo Director of the Coalition Against Human Trafficking here in Los Angeles is Jesse Torrero CEO/Executive Producer/Host of AVTV Live! Real Estate Broker, Loan Specialist, and Entrepenuer along with his partner at C.A.H.T. Co-Director Extrodinair Business Women and Business Owner Cindy Sower, Activist Maria Meza, Mrs.Yapeli, Michael Sower, and G.A.S.P. all were honored by the City Of Los Angeles recently with Commendations from The Los Angeles City Council Board Members for fighting Human Trafficking, Pimp Trafficking, Prostitution, Child Abuse, and Women Abuse. Jesse Torrero had the honored opportunity to speak in front of the Council Members and discuss the issues of Human Trafficking and the challenges we face, the history in the SFV and Los Angeles, as well as the accomplishments made recently in this never ending battle to save children and women and restart their lives. This is real work. This is the real deal. This is getting your hands dirty, and putting yourself in dangereous situations to help the victims, all of these people do this because it is the right thing to do. Cindy Sower is my hero. Los Angeles Council Woman Nury Martinez is my hero, our Coalition Members are my heros, the LAPD is my hero. It was an honor and surprise for all of us, and myself to recieve such a distinguished commendation from the City Of Los Angeles. Here is just a snap shot of the event. Joing us will you at facebok.com/coalitionagainsthumantrafficking, or call us at (818)800-1343 and leave a message, or email at winwinwininc@yahoo.com. We have been fighting this for decades. AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVE is not just about the fun, the entertainers, the parties, the glitz and the glamour of the movie business or music business it is also about helping victims restar their lives, and getting our hands dirty to solve some problems with our society like Veterans Homelessness, Illegal Vending, Illegal Dumping, Graffiti, Gang issues, Juvinile Justice, Community Activism, Neighborhood clean ups, beautification projects, awareness, education, and medical related challenges for commnities, after all we are FROM THE COMMUNITY TO THE WORLD it's AVTV Live!

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Bobby Shaw Chance Interview

AV ENTERTAINMENT LIVEwww.aventertainmentlive.com#JesseTorreroMy wrestle every morning with the Juicing Gods......

Posted by Jesse Torrero on Thursday, November 12, 2015

Watch JESSE T Call all the action round by round of 9 fights and boxing expert The Jolten Jay Jeff Langton FOR the 'Fights 4 Life'

Hunting Down 'SCUM BAG' Traffickers-Abusers C.A.H.T.

AVTV LIVEwww.aventrtainmentlive.com'HUNTING' down low life scum bag cowardly human traffickers, abuser of women and children that prey on the innocent, and kill them for money! The Coalition Against Human Trafficking C.A.H.T. Co-Director Jesse Torrero heads out with Investigators 'Hunter Team Crews' to stalk and chase these varmints down. These are their stories to save the victims and restart their lives, and put the rats in prison! 'Justice For Kids - Justice For All' with Jesse T'

Posted by Jesse Torrero on Wednesday, December 30, 2015

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